Monday, October 27, 2008

My Favourite NB Plugin

My Favorite NB plug in
In almost all of the commercial project, that I have done till now, I have needed a reporting tool like Crystal report provides on Microsoft development platform.
To short it out, I wrote my own HTML plug in for Java. Though it is very easy to use ,But it lacked professional touch.
Working with java.awt.PrintJob is not that useful either.
Very recently, I took this problem seriously. I started searching for a better solution. In course I searched Netbeans plug in site and came to see Jasper Report plug in.
It took me just 2 days to understand the whole architecture. The support , it provides is amazing.
And for very high class development , there is Java compatible Jasper designer, which can be used in parallel to Netbeans for report Designing.
It has a superb support and compatibility with Java collection API and Java SQL API
Reports generated can be saved in many different formats inherently. I believe this is one of the Must for real time commercial developers.

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