Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Experience with Netbeans Demo

I am campus ambassador,Sun microsystems. I got to demonstrate Netbeans very often in my campus.
But this was my first time , when i was demonstrating it away from my campus.
I think , it is worth a review :)

I was at Bangalore this summer. I was staying with one of my old friend Raushan. He is doing MCA 4th year from Dayanand Sagar College.
When I was their, I got to know that they are working on a project on J2EE.
They were 4 in a group and were not that good in J2EE, but they had good idea. All they were looking for was a good IDE.
Some one suggested them of using Eclipse , and they started working on it. But , what I felt was it was not working the way they were looking for.
When my friend introduced me to them, (as Sun CA ), I felt they ere just looking for me. All of them were truly Java passionate and started to ask every thing about Java.
And as expected , in a short span of time, we became good friend. I also got a new name : Java Master
in that small time.
Next day, they discussed about their project and asked me for help.
Myself , not an expert in J2E , but had fair idea of designing project. First I introduced them to Netbeans (I had a DVD of NB 6 at that time) and in no time, I installed it on their PC.
With little effort, I imported their Eclipse project to Netbeans. I discussed abut project architecture, like beans, core logic and pages. They got it and started working on it.
I used pure JDBC logic for databases (They were using Mysql) and because of its simplicity they understood it in no time.
In next 3 to 4 days, at least 30 of their friends discussed about Netbeans to me and installed it.
I was surprised to see, how productive they became just after working on Netbeans.
In my everyday life I come across many person, specially few who advocate using Not pad for Java code development. But , I then I don't miss any chance to show to them ,how working on Netbeans changes the standard of programming.
Recently a representative of IBM came to our college to demonstrate about their tools (Eclipse and WAS ) . While demonstrating , he conceded “In most of the university that I have visited, I have seen students working on Netbeans”.
Its not a miracle why students (and even professionals) prefer Netbeans. And I personally see no reason to use any other IDE as far as I have Netbeans.

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